45th Year Class Reunion Photos

One More Time and Then We'll Do It Again

Ronald Bell

Linda Little Crabill, Barbara Brown,

 Nancy Baughman Payne (standing left), Miriam Sheppard (sitting)

Anne Brunner Dowdy (standing right)

Larry Massey, Tommy Kimbrel,

 Robert Saunders,

and Bill Warren's Back

Robert Saunders (back),

Bill Warren and Sam Lovett (standing)

 Tommy Kimbrel and Larry Massey (at the table)

Bernice Cumbo Stoeffler and

 Freddie Stoeffler

Margie Willoughby and

Judy Willoughby Capo

Melinda Smith Branham and

 Emagene Dampier Viers

Larry Massey

Ina Williams Vinson,

Nancy Baughman Payne,

Glenda Vinson,

Bette Taylor Harrison

Anne Brunner Dowdy

Bette Taylor Harrison and

Jackie Penn

Sharon Mangum Harper,

Cay Jones
 Rollo, Sara Siegel Guthrie

Hank and Katherine Bainbridge Dickinson

Gin and Roy Livingston

Barbara and Freddie Jaillet

Bill and Betty Graves Smith

Tommy and Jean Strickland


Tommy and Carol Tilghman

Ann and Drake Tilley

Tommy Strickland

Barbara Fortner

Glenn and Linda Register

Sara Blue Clarke

Ina Williams Vinson, Glenda Vinson,

Nancy Baughman Payne, Richard Gray

Carlton Kendrick

Inez Browning

Cleon Dubose, Linda Little Crabill

Barbara Wells Prosser,

Emily "Pug" Turner Morris

Sara Siegel Guthrie

Frank (Jimmie) Hudson

Louise "Coot" Kimbro

Kenneth Rigdon

Chan and Barbara (Wells) Prosser

Frank Falls

Glenda Williams Vinson and

Ina Williams Vinson

Sarah Siegel Guthrie and

Inez Browning Jones

Nancy Baughman Payne and

Mary Jean Brown Russ

Bette Taylor Harrison and

Rita Kane Moody

Nolan Pate

Bill, Miriam, Coot and Nolan

Tommy Kimbrel

Richard Hines

Richard Gray

Robert Saunders

Bill Warren

Sam Lovett


Ronald Lloyd


Tommy Jean Meadows Redderson and Barbara Brown

Jack Allen

Jay Major

Cecelia Thompson Hughes and Pat Carlton Vaughn


Miriam Sheppard Dubose (standing)

Bill and Betty Graves Smith (seated)


Tommy Jean Meadows Redderson, Bill Foley, Barbara Brown and

Larry Massey

Tommy Tilghman


Billy Rogero

Jimmy and Cathy Motes

Katherine Bainbridge Dickinson

Percy Brooks



Sharon Smith Lee, Sara Blue Clarke, Linda and Glenn Register

and Barbara Fortner Mercer

Melinda Smith Branham and

Inez Browning



Miriam Sheppard Dubose and

Barbara Fisher


Richard Hines, Judy Willoughby Capo and Pug Turner Morris


Cleon and Miriam Sheppard Dubose

Charlie and Charlotte Armstrong

Cutting the light fantastic....



Wayne and Annette Armstrong Swearington

(Annette is s Charlie's older sister - Class of '58 - who came to
to the reunion specifically to take care of Charlie -
some things turn into full-time, never changing jobs).

Edwin Price

Joe Warren


John Wolfenden and Frank Falls

Miriam Sheppard, Frank Falls,
Coot Kimbro

Harold Livingston

(Kid from the class of '61)


John Wolfenden

Martin Kane

S.J. Mills