I do not want to make the class roster public property - frankly, I already receive my quota of unsolicited sales calls and letters and I'm willing to bet you do too.  I've tried a number of ways to password protect the roster but the combination of the software I'm using to build the site and the software used by the company who is hosting it hasn't meshed to make that possible...yet.

Until I can make that work I've come up with an alternative plan...Palatka Senior High School ingenuity if you will.  I've put the roster on line but on a page that isn't connected to any other page - if you will e-mail me, give me your name, and ask where I hid the page I'll give you the address.  Can you guess where the roster is???


Bert Carson  carson@future--point.com


We are still searching for addresses and or current addresses on the following:

Rebecca Anders Mitchell Banks
Carol "Bookie" Batten Betty Blocker
Douglas Bolen David Bullard
Jean Carter Jacqueline Collins
Glenda Conway Ray Dennis
Michael Dunklin Jeff Eberhard
Dorothy Gilyard Myrtice Glissom
Alta Godfrey Diane Guthrie
Jessie Hogarth Bonnie Kennedy
Ted Jackson Freida Kimbler
Jeanette Kerce Ruth Ann Wells
Camille Long Edwin Price
George Malmend Carma Martin
Katherine Martin Melinda Smith
Elizabeth Murdaugh Nancy Parrish
Nolan Pate Sharon Smith
Leon Ream Glenn Register
Sarah Siegel Diana Selsor
Highlighted indicates we need to update a route/box
I know where Carma is, I just haven't received her new address yet.