Claude Conway

Classmates Remember

"One day in the cafeteria I noticed Claude drinking milk...cartons and cartons of milk.  I asked why and he said very matter-of-factly, 'I'm learning to weld and I'm drinking the milk because I've been told it will make my hand very steady and that's important in welding.'  That statement was indicative of Claude's desire to learn, which was in fact representative of a much larger desire - his desire to experience life."  Bert Carson

"When I was small (pre-school),  Mrs. Conway was our Sunday school teacher and she threw an Easter egg hunt for us at their house on President Street.  My earliest memory of Claude is him laughing his head off when I stepped on a concealed egg and smushed  it and it got on my shoes and pants and wherever.  But he wasn’t laughing at me.  In short order he had me laughing also.  Sonny could always make me feel good, somehow.  He was a good and kind person as a child and as a man.  The last time I saw him was at a car repair shop somewhere near Silver Lake or Pine Lake (I can't remember).  I saw him out front and stopped and we yakked for awhile.  I have no idea what we talked about.  Maybe it was the time he and Michael Dunklin and Skippy Parkin and I went to the Ravine Garden and snitched goldfish out of the fountains to go in Skippy’s pond.  We knew we would get caught and go to prison.  It might have been about the time he taught me to throw a Frisbee (it was really a paper plate) at the Children’s Museum on field trip to Jacksonville.  Anyway,  when I left I was happy ( I distinctly remember that - - it was like old times.)  Not that Sonny was a comedian.  He had a way of making me better just by being around him."  Tommy Kimbrel