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I was one of the ones that disappeared  and was afraid to come back -- they might take my diploma back. Not sure what you need for profile info but I will take a shot.
I went to SJRJC and on to Florida State graduating in 1964. Following 4 years in the Navy after graduation, I spent 32 years with the J C Penney Co. retiring in 1998. I married Ann Vaughn Cook from Columbus, Ga. We meet when I was there with the Penney Company. She is an Auburn graduate, but we have managed to stay married for 33 years and counting. We have two children  -- Dr. Drake H. Tilley, Jr. who is a Navy flight surgeon stationed at the Marine Air Station in Beaufort, SC. ( He is your Beaufort guy) He and his wife have a son one month old -- our grandson Alex.  Our daughter is Elizabeth Vaughn Tilley and is an attorney in Greenville, SC. 
 I have been back to Florida several times but have not been back to Palatka.

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