Donna Hunsuckle Cheshire

Classmates Remember

"Donna was a very sweet person and so beautiful. She was a good basketball player and a member of my church. She was active in Keyettes and Beta Club. I recall her being excited about a planned trip to NYC with her boyfriend's family." 
Barbara Fisher Kimbrel-Roach
"Donna was one of the most popular girls in the school, yet she took time to be a friend to me.  She always signed my yearbooks and said very nice things to me and about me.  I always liked her and was very upset when her mother shared with me that Donna had MS.  I do miss her and her beautiful smile and her warmth.  Donna was a person who  appreciated life and lived it to its fullest."  Miriam Sheppard Dubose


"Donna wasn't a close friend of mine but she was a friend; and somehow I knew, though she never said it in so many words, that I could always count on her.  Living life seemed more important to Donna than appearing to live life."  Bert Carson
"Donna and I had English  our senior year with Mrs. Thomas. I was scared to death of Mrs. Thomas. We had to stand at the front of the class and recite a passage from Shakespeare -- we were called on at random and it could be several passages. I studied hard and  thought that I was ready. Mrs. Thomas called on me and I went to the front and turned around -- I froze with fear and could not even remember my name much less the passages. Donna was sitting on the front row right in front of me. She began to whisper the words of the passage under her breath and I began to start to recite -- I would stall and Donna would whisper again to get me started. With the help of sweet Donna and the grace of God I got thru it. I always suspected that Mrs. Thomas saw what was going on and just had mercy on me. I regret that I will not be able to thank Donna at the reunion and laugh about it."  Drake Tilley
"I have so many fond memories of Donna. Drake Tilley's recollection of the episode in Mrs. Thomas's English class was so typical of Donna. She was SO bright and full of fun. I can just see that mischievous smile as Donna was "coaching" Drake.

I guess it was at our second reunion that I was really aware of Donna's battle with MS. We kept in touch over the years and during the last years of her life she would often call me. She was so brave and upbeat in spite of her illness. She always spoke so lovingly of her husband, Terry Cheshire, who didn't live many years after Donna's passing. Donna was a beautiful person who never gave up on life."  
Cay Jones