Linda Brubaker

Classmates Remember

"I remember Linda from our years together in the band. She was a good friend and invited me to a slumber party at her house. Naturally we talked a lot and slept a little. She had a great sense of humor. I'm sad she won't be at our reunion."  Barbara Fisher Kimbrel-Roach
"Linda Brubaker was indeed a very good friend. I spent the night at her home where our friendship grew and I learned a little more about her. She was misunderstood by many but she was a good friend to anyone who needed a friend. I enjoyed her participation in the band. We learned many silly songs she taught us while on the bus going to the football games and coming home from the football games. She was a major part of the band's success and I do miss her. Her life was cut short too early. I believe she was very dedicated to whatever she was doing and kept her focus on finishing that task and that kept her set off from many. I will always remember fondly a good friend, Linda Brubaker."  Miriam Sheppard Dubose