Nadine West Revels

Nadine at the 30th Year Class Reunion

Nadine West Revels will be missed by all who had the good pleasure to know her.

Nadine West Revels wasn't a member of the Class of '60.  At least she wasn't an official member, but in fact, she was one of us.  She was Margaret's sister but she was a whole lot more than that to each of us.  She even thought of herself as a member of the class - the photo from the 30th Year class reunion confirms that.

Mary Jean Brown recently spoke to Margaret regarding Nadine's passing.  Here is what Margaret said:

"Nadine died March 11, 2005 from pancreatitis.  She had four open heart surgeries over the years and had many complications.  The pancreatitis was a complication of her heart condition.

Nadine was married to Robert Revels.  There were so many people at her funeral that all of the Palatka florist shops ran out of flowers."