Paul Forsythe

Paul married married Emily Wells in 1961and they had 4 children, the 3rd born deaf, which had a dramatic effect on his life. He received his bachelor's degree at Anderson Baptist Seminary and in 1975 became assistant pastor at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Orlando. Later in 1975 he became pastor at Gospel Baptist Temple in Claxton, GA when the church was $750,000 in debt. During Paul's 22 years as pastor of  the church, not only did the church get out of debt but also gave over $560,000 to missions around the world. Paul also contributed much of his time to prison ministry. According to his obituary, "There is no way to summarize the life of a man like Dr. Paul Forsyth. For over 22 years he lived on a third of a normal pastor's salary, and he drove cars that others would not have considered driving. He sacrificed, skimped, saved, and worked in the service of God and his church in order to put a church back on its feet and later give to missions and serve others." Paul passed away in March of 1997 of brain cancer at the age of 55.

summary of Paul's Obituary submitted by Cay Rollo

Classmates Remember

"In the summer of '57, I moved to Palatka, from a tiny central Alabama town where the total number of kids from grade 1 - 12 was less than 500.  To say I was into overwhelm my first day at PSHS would be a gross understatement.  Paul Forsythe was one of the people I met that long ago day.  I decided then that he was one of the most squared-away really "cool" people I'd ever known.  That opinion has not wavered in the almost forty-nine years that have passed."   Bert Carson