Photo Memories
Text Box: Marjorie Ussery and Glenda Conway
Text Box: L to R: Sharon Mangum, Emagene Dampier, and Priscilla Motes
Text Box: Becky Anders, Evonne Wilkinson, Guilda Vermeulen
Freshman Initiation or a normal day????

Text Box: Becky Anders

Nov 16, 1949 - Tommy's Birthday Party
L to R - Michael Dunklin, Bobby Williams, Jay Major, Ray Bryan, Donnie Farmer, Tommy Kimbrel, French Harvey

From L - R - Incomplete but close identification
Bottom Row - James ?, Kenneth Weaver, Wiley Vickery, Jack Allen, Ronnie McDaniel, Catherine Bainbridge, Jack Allen (again - already a class leader), Robert Cannon
2nd Row from Bottom - Michael Dunklin, Joe Cornelio, Miss Nagle, Witch's Assistant (Tommy Kimbrel's commentary) Butch Wise, Tommy Kimbrel
2nd Row from the Top - Betty Graves, Sarah Blue, Charles Musgrove, Mike ?
Top Row - Bookie Batten, Jenanne Thompson, Sadie ?, ??, Sonia Teuton, Eloise X, Janet Weaver, Linda Powell

June 1946
Bert Hodge, Carolyn Chancey, Tommy Kimbrel, John Hodge


5th Grade
L-R - Bottom Row - Harlow Walls, ??, Wayne Bolden, David Goronto, Richard Gray, John Wolfenden, Curtis Ott, Kenneth Weaver
2nd from bottom - Mary Ruth Vincent, Becky Anders, Barbara Brown, Kay Jones, ??, Mary Jane Allen, Betty Anne Gordon, Katie Harrell, Sarah Siegel, Camille Long, Margaret West, Donna Hunsuckle
Top two rows together - L to R - R.C. ?, Robert Sheffield, Owen Preston, Katie Martin, Michael Dunklin, Danny Massey, Ray Bryan, French Harvey, Jim Mast, Howard Whittaker, Larry Massey, Frank Falls, Claude Conway, Tommy Kimbrel

Rotary Boys Choir - 1951
Bottom Row - L-R - Tommy Kimbrel, Spencer Newsome, Edwin Cannon, Bill Warren, Dickie Robinson, Art Nichols, Joe Marvin, Jay Major, Henry Sanders
Middle Row - L-R - Mr. Simmons, Mrs Bake, French Harvey, Walter Whittaker, Gen Willis, David Neck, Lee Yeomans, Carswell Cason, Walter Hickenlooper, Billy Walker, Dale Ernsberger, Bobby Smith, Billy Gibbons, Mr. Butler
Top Row - L-R - Harlow Middleton, Donald Green, George Baughman, Don Brown, Ronnie Baughman, Tony Womble, Ronnie Cason, Jerry Gamble, Royce Hood

Anne Wilson and Coach Rabbit Smith at a recent class of '59 reunion

Text Box: Joe Hamlett and Lee Yeomans
Class of '59 Reunion 2001