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Jack Allen

Jack Allen and his wife Betty have been married 44 years and 303 days as of our upcoming 45th Year Class Reunion, July 16, 2005.  They have four children ages 36 to 42 and 8 grandchildren.  Jack is semi-retired from real estate sales.

Becky Anders

Becky Anders Poulin said - "Two years after graduating high school I married Norman "Lee" Poulin. We'll be married 43 yrs in August. We have two children. Jeffery 39 and Yvette 36. We have 4 grandchildren. Our son is a Sergeant Major in the army. He will be retiring next year and going into a civil service job. His oldest son is in the military and will be going to Iraq later this year. Our daughter and her husband have a pest control business in New Port Richey. We lived in New Port Richey for most of our married life. We moved to North Augusta, South Carolina for Lee to finish out his time with Electrolux. He retired 3 yrs ago. We moved to Warner Robins in January of this year to be close to our friends of 35 years. We come back to Palatka from time to time. It will always be my home."

 Charlie Armstrong
(10th Grade)


Charlie Armstrong said - "I stayed in Palatka until 9 years ago when I moved a big 22 miles south down State Road 19 to the big community of Salt Springs on the beautiful Lake Kerr. I have two children Keith and Traci and have been married more times than I can count but have finally found the right one in Charlotte. We have been together seventeen years. I retired as a State Certified Roofing Contractor after 23 years, but my wife said I had too many toys and bad habits to support so I am now a Self Employed Clearing Pro. I am still a major cut up and am Loving my Life. I truly miss all of our deceased class mates but I am so looking forward to seeing you all at our reunion.

junior photo

Judy Bailey

Judy Bailey Cameron - "After school , I married James M. (Mickey) Register who was in the Army. I spent the next 17ys traveling around the world in the Military. We divorced in 1978. He retired after 32 yrs. in the Army as a CW-5. He passed away in 2002 of lung cancer. We have one son, James W. Register who lives next door to me with his 10 yr. old daughter Sara.  James divorced in 2002 and has custody of Sara.  He spent 10 yrs. in the Army and did more traveling than we did. He was in Desert Storm, 90-91 and I was head of the Desert Storm support Group in Daytona.

Judy, son Jamie and husband Victor

I went back to school and got my AA degree in Accounting in 1979. I retired in 1991 after a bad car accident (not my fault). I remarried in 1981 to Victor Cameron from Michigan. He is Operation Manager of Lamar Outdoor Advertising in Daytona. I am a full time Grandmother now and loving every minute of it. My first cousin's son is in the group Trick Pony and Sara and I travel to see them when they're in concert close to or in Florida. She is a big Pony Fan since the age of 4. I am a Guardian Ad Litem for the state . I work with the Foster system and speak for the child in court. I also work with Animal Rescue processing adoptions applications. I have 3 toy poodles who are my children now. I had heart surgery in 1999 and again in 2004. I also had 3 strokes, pneumonia and my second bypass last year and thought my days were numbered but I am still here so there are bigger plans for me yet."

Katherine  Bainbridge

Katherine Bainbridge Dickinson has been married to her husband Hank Dickinson for twenty years.  Katherine has two children by her first husband Freddie Baker.  She has four grandchildren.  Katherine hasn't worked since 1999.  Hank is employed by the Florida East Coast Railroad.

Dorothy Baldwin

Dorothy Baldwin Westbrook was married for thirty nine years and eight months to Joseph Mark Westbrook.  Joseph passed away in 2003.  Dorothy has three children, all girls; Deanna 36, Jeannie 34, and Kathleen 32.  She has two grandchildren, Katherine 4 and Lauren 1.  Dorothy has retired after teaching elementary school for thirty-nine years.

Rose Ann Barady

Rose Ann Barady Clemente has been married to Tony Clemente for twenty years.  Together they have one son, two daughters and six grandchildren.  Rose Ann and Tony moved to Palm City in 2001, where they are retired and enjoying life

Nancy Baughman

Nancy Baughman Payne said - "I attended SJRJC part time, then worked in the banking & credit union field for several years, moved to West Palm Beach then back to Palatka, Jacksonville & Crescent Beach.  I married James Randall (Randy) Payne who owned Hastings Mattress & Upholstery and Antiques restoring business. We sold the business and now he is with Palatka Daily News. I am with HSHMV Div of Driver Licenses for the past 28 years in E Palatka, as 2nd in command (or assistant Supervisor).  I also am a Certified Examiner, licensed in 38 states, and have until recently taught a substance abuse & traffic education class for several years until I decided to slow down and smell the roses. I also have 34 years with the State of Florida. Randy and I have one son, Jim, who is a Tech Sgt serving with the United Air Force, presently residing in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Jim is married to the former Shelley May, who is a graduate of Black Hills University in Rapid City, South Dakota. Shelley is an Accountant, and department head with a large bank in Rapid City. This January they presented us with our first grandchild, a grandson, William (Will) . He is a real joy, a little red head. I also have a beautiful step-daughter, Gloria who is into acting and modeling in California.  We do get to see her occasionally on TV. I have moved away from Palatka several times but like a homing pigeon, I always came back. Those of you who've not been back to Palatka in many years might not recognize it - some things are the same but "we are growing!"  I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion."

Ronald Bell

Ronald Bell said - "After we graduated, I joined the Navy as you all remember. Since then my life has been one adventure after another. As a matter of fact, my adventures are too numerous to to be documented in the short period of time we have before we meet again. I am really looking forward to the time I can once again see all my classmates and 'SWAP' stories."

Wallace Brazzeal

Wallace Brazzeal said - "Here is my brief synopsis with a lot left out:
After high school, I hitched a ride with a family going west, enrolled in BYU for a year, served a two year mission for my church, got married in ’64, started a family, went back to college, Vietnam ‘67-‘68, 116th Eng. Battalion, Phan Thiet (unofficial translator). After graduating with major in art, I worked at BYU Motion Picture Studios, this evolved into graphic art design and video production; moved to St. George, Utah, ‘76, Publisher, several magazines, some books, Ad Agency, JD Degree,‘90; started painting water color “Western Art” theme. Retired ’04 as Pres. MB Media Group (TV/Radio stations). Eight beautiful children (4&4) 14 gifted grandchildren. Still painting, writing a book “The Shoeshine Boy” ( childhood memoirs). I teach Sunday School with my wonderful wife, Katherine. Can’t hike as much as I used to, but still love the desert tapestry and sunrises over Pine Valley Mt."


Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown is a hairdresser and travels all over the world competing in  hair styling contests; and that means ALL OVER - Milan, Italy for example where she competed in a World Championship contest.  Besides Italy, she had competed in 40 other countries.  Barbara is passionate about what she does and she does it at a world class level.  Barbara is divorced and has no children.  She loves traveling, cooking, movies and having dinner parties.  In addition she makes jewelry and paints - water colors are her medium of choice.  Barbara lived in Atlanta for short time, but for the past thirty-five years has resided in Orlando.

Mary Jean Brown


Mary Jean Brown Russ, has been married to Larie Russ for 40 years.  She enjoyed a career as a Registered Nurse, working at St. Lukes Hospital and Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida.  Mary Jean and Larie have a daughter, Dr. Kelli Marvin, 37, a Clinical Psychologist.  Kelli works for the Family Court of New York City, in Manhattan.  She is married to Dr. Michael Marvin, a Liver Transplant Surgeon.  Kelli and Michael have twins: daughter Alexa and son Ethan who will be six years old in July.  As you can imagine, Larie and Mary Jean are frequent flyers between Jacksonville and New York. 


Inez Browning

Inez Browning (note, Inez retained her maiden name) has lived in St. Augustine for 18 years.  She purchased a condo on Crescent Beach and lived there three years.  Realizing how much she loved the beach she bought a home in Vilano.  After 13 years of saying she would never marry again, she married Oliver Jones.  They have been married for seven years.  Now she says, "Third time is the charm."   Oliver is a General Contractor and Inez is a Registered Nurse certified in both Geriatric and Psychiatric Nursing.  Inez and Oliver have a home on Vilano Beach.  Inez has two children who live in St. Augustine.   Currently Inez gives all of her time to her family.    Oliver has two children, Logan and Lauren who live in California.  Inez's son, Danny, a graduate of Florida State, is a self-employed Insurance Broker in St. Augustine.  Danny and his  wife Shea have two children, Daniel, 5 and Mason, 2.  Inez's daughter Michelle attended University of Florida for two years and received her degree from University of North Florida.  She is a teacher but hasn't taught since  her children, Ali, 11 and Robbie, 6, were born.  Michelle's husband Chris is the owner The Supply Source, a very successful Jacksonville based business.  Inez's step-daughter (from a previous marriage) Kristin and her husband Stephen live in Palatka.  They have two children, Megan, 6, and Kyle 2 1/2.   Inez sums it up with this question, "Am I proud of my children and their families or what!!!!"

Anne Brunner

Anne Brunner Dowdy is still working.  She is widowed and has two children by first husband (Bert Carson).  Their names are Beverly and Lee.  Beverly has three children, Chris (who has graduated from Junior College at the age of 17), Tiffany-age 16, and Andrew age 14.  Her son, Lee is expecting his first child in June.  He and his wife Melanie live in Fort Payne, Alabama.


Betty Ann Bunnell

Betty Ann Bunnell Roybal lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she works as a Legal Assistant in her husbands law firm.  Before moving to Albuquerque she lived in Canada.  Betty Ann has two Dachshunds which get a fair amount of her attention.  In 1972 she earned her Private Pilot's license. 

Bert Carson

Bert Carson has been married four times.  The first to the former Anne Brunner, also a member of the class of ‘60.  They were married for 14 years, have two children, Beverly and Lee; three grandchildren with a fourth on the way.  Bankrupt twice, Bert has been a marketing rep with Southern Bell in Jacksonville, the managing partner of a new car dealership in Laurel Mississippi, held a number of management positions with Ryder Truck Rental in Jacksonville, Birmingham, Mobile and Memphis.  He is  a professional speaker.  In eleven years on the speakers circuit he made presentations in 48 states, Canada, Mexico, The Bahamas and Tahiti.  He served 16 months with the 214th Combat Aviation Battalion in Vietnam.  25 years after leaving Vietnam he founded Vietnam Veterans Southern Command in Fort Payne, Alabama.  He has returned to Vietnam twice since 1968.  He lives with his wife Christina in Huntsville, Alabama where they served as co-ministers of Unity Church on the Mountain until September 2003.  Now they spend their time experiencing, as they put it, "the peace that passes all understanding.”     

Emagene Dampier

Emagene Dampier Viers - "After school I went to work for Southern Bell. I married Francis Viers from Virginia in l963. We have two children. After having the children I have been pretty much a stay at home mom, only working part time, because my children came first.  Charlene the oldest has one child Sarah she is 6 1/2 years old. Charlene works for Putnam Radiology group in Palatka.  Our Son Steven has two children, Steven II who is 12 and Brittany who is 7 1/2. He works for GP here in Palatka.  So I am a Nana that takes as much time as I can to enjoy these little ones while they are still little, because as we all know they grow up too fast.  Just look how fast these last 45 years have gone by. Francis and I are active in our church, we love working with the little ones.  I am excited about being able to be in touch with classmates. May God Bless each and every one of you."

John Dixon

John and Linda Dixon have been married for 39 years.  They have three children; two sons, Lonnie and Andy and a daughter, Tajaro.  They have a grandson, Malachi.  John spent 20 years in the Navy.  At various times he served in England, Bosnia, and Yugoslavia.  He has visited many famous places worldwide; Mount Vesuvius, the Pyramids, Bethlehem, Judea, Golgotha and the Island of Rhodes to name but a few.  John is retired.

Carla Doughten Avery

Attended 1960-61 St. Johns River Jr. College.  1961-62 Brevard Junior College-graduated AA.  1962-64 Florida State University-BS in Education-graduated  April 18, 1964.  1967-69 University of South Florida-Masters in Education June 11, 1969.  May 30, 1969-met future husband at the Mousetrap in Cocoa Beach Florida.  August 1, 1970-Married Rodney Mason Avery-Electrical Engineer for NASA, a graduate of Mississippi State University.  May 1964 started teaching and retired May of 1999.  July 22, 1979 daughter born, Megan Rebecca Avery-Married Sept 16, 2000 to David Marshall Baran.  They have one child-my grand daughter Sydney Faith born December 4, 1999.March 24, 1984 son Matthew Ryan Avery was born.  May 29, 2004 the love of my live, Rodney, died of a heart attack.  September 15, 2005 re-entered the land of the living.  I love to read, I collect many things some of which are dolls and I make ceramic dolls.  I am a current member of curves and enjoy my friends. 

Frank Falls

Frank said - "Patsy and I will be married 38 years on August 19.  I graduated from the University of Florida in 1964 and the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry in 1968, receiving my DDS degree.  Patsy also graduated from the Medical College of Virginia School of Nursing in the same year with a B. S. in Nursing.
I was a navy dental officer from 1968 - 1970 stationed in Beaufort, SC at the Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station, MAG 32-2nd MAW.
We have two children.  Our son Douglas is 36, a graduate of NC State University and a chemical engineer.  He and his wife Stephanie live in Rome, GA.  They have two children; Ansley, 11 years old and Ethan, 2.  Our daughter Tricia is 33.  She is also a graduate of MCV with a degree in pharmacy.  She lives in Franklin with her husband Ben Davis.  They have two children; Katherine, 4 years old and Benjamin, 18 months.
I retired after 30 years of private practice in Franklin, where Patsy and I still live.  My granddaughter, Katherine, named me "Daddy Frank" and  over the years I have become a pretty mellow fellow.  Life is good!!
I am looking forward to the reunion."

Webmaster's note - "Frank, my friend, I know the song, Katherine did good."

Geraldine Feagin

Geraldine Feagin Wilkinson said - "I married Perry Wilkinson April 1960, 45 years, still counting. Have five children, Daniel Burris Wilkinson, Katherine Grace Rofulowitz, Rebecca Marie Grant, Joseph Perry Wilkinson and Mary Ellen Ruff. Left Florida for Georgia after Mary was born in 1969. Perry's job took us to Georgia. Lived in Waycross, Albany, Lee County and Americus. Moving to Keaton Beach on Friday, May 7th. Perry will retire on May 13th. Have worked in radio, veterinary care and of course, housewife most of all. Have had a great life. God has been good to us all my life."

Barbara Fisher

Barbara Fisher Kimbrel-Roach said - "I finished my doctoral degree at the University of Florida, in August 1973 and gave birth to my daughter the following month. Susan has graduated from college, is married, and works as Director of Development at the Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville.  While teaching full-time for 31 years at the college level, I served as president of the faculty association at SJRCC, wrote performance objectives and criterion-referenced tests in office systems technology for Florida's Department of Education, served as President of the Florida Business Teacher Educators (university professors who train bus. teachers) while at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, and wrote 10 new course outlines for the current legal assisting program to get it started at FCCJ, where I was department chairperson on the Kent Campus for Computer & Office Systems and college wide for Legal Assisting for a few years.  I have been married for 11 years to Jim Roach, originally from Tennessee.  After serving in the Air Force, Jim settled in Jacksonville. He's a computer technician and has a small company that sells and services computers and other office equipment.
Now retired, I read, paint, watch over my mom, and care for a special needs dog, the Beagle from hell. (I have lost my dad and 2 of my 3 brothers).  My brother Jack, who was a band member at PSHS and served two stints in Vietnam, is a civil engineer in Tennessee."

Barbara Fortner

Barbara Fortner Mercer works in ER at Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine. She has two daughters, Jodi 38 and Wendy 34. She has four grandchildren; 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson. She plans to retire in three years.

Harry Futch

4/30/10 Bio Promised

Myrtice Glisson

Myrtice Glisson Roberts said - "I Married Emory Roberts of Palatka in January 1961. We lived in Jacksonville, Fl until 1970 where we moved to Middleburg. I have 4 children, Melanie Roberts 42, Darren Roberts 40, Michelle Roberts Youmans 39, and Daryl Roberts 36. We have 9 grandchildren and a great grandson on the way. I am no longer able to work. I enjoy gardening, reading, and making silk flower arrangements. My husband, Emory, works for Florida Times Union, my son Darren is a Minister of Music down in Sanford and has 2 daughters, Michelle is a stay at home mom with her children ranging from 4 to 9, including 2 stepchildren, my son Daryl works for Clay County Utilities and has a son and step-son, and my oldest daughter Melanie, who has Multiple Sclerosis lives at home. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful husband of 44 years and wonderful children and grandchildren."

junior picture

Alta Godfrey

Alta Godfrey Renfrow said - "I left Palatka after finishing the 11th grade and traveled with my husband who was in the service. I eventually settled in North Carolina (after a couple of marriages) and am currently residing there. I attended college in North Carolina, earning a degree in accounting (graduating Summa Cum Laude) and a MBA. Most of my professional career has been with the State of North Carolina where I am currently employed with the Dept. of Insurance as a financial examiner/auditor. I have four children, 1 son and 3 daughters, 6 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren, all living close by.  I have been single since 1997 when my husband of 30 years was killed in a traffic accident.  I hope to retire in 2007 and travel for a couple of years before settling down to a quiet lifestyle in North Carolina. 
I visit the Palatka area frequently as I have a lot of family in Florida. I always look for familiar faces but seldom see anyone that I recognize."

Betty Graves

Betty Graves Smith has been married to Bill Smith for 42 years.  They have two children and five grandchildren.  Betty has been a RN for 31 years currently works at Munroe Regional Medical Center.  Betty and Bill live in the Ocklawaha National Forest on a lovely pond.  They have a dog, Gidgett, a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Richard Gray

Richard Gray and his wife Sara have been married for 33 1/2 years.  They have three children; Richard, Jr., age 38, Gloria Luke, age 39, and Tracy Claro, 26.  Richard and Sara have six grandchildren and the seventh is on the way: their grandchildren are, Ashley Gray 15, Logan Gray 8, Jordan Luke 14, Justin Luke 10, Jared Luke 7 and Alexis Claro 2 years 9 months.

Betty Greene

Betty Greene Huber writes: "I am a widow, my husband John died a year and a half ago.  I have three children.  Two daughters, Christi Bellamy and Julie Ashley and a son, Chief Petty Officer Frank Huber, who is stationed in Diego, Garcia.  I have three grandchildren, the oldest will begin college this fall.  I'm a bookkeeper at Jenkins Middle School.

Susie Griffin

Susie Griffin Polk was married 3/25/1960.  Obviously graduation from high wasn't the big thing in Susie's life in 1960.  She and her husband Jimmy have two children, ages 43 and 41, and six grandchildren whose ages range from 7 to 22.  They live in Ocala. 

Marguerite Harmon

Marguerite Harmon Shannon is married to David Shannon.  They have one child, a son, Paul.  Marguerite retired from Barnett Bank as Vice-President/Manager of the Consumer Loan Department.  She and David own and operate a mobile home sales business in Ocala.  They plan to retire next year.

Sophomore Photo

Johnny Harris

Johnny Harris was a member of the Class of '60 into our Junior year (See his photo on the Freshman photo page) when his family moved to Ohio.  In spite of that technicality he considers himself a member of our class and so do we.  Johnny is divorced.  He lives in Leesburg, where, though he is retired, he works part-time in financial services.  Johnny is looking forward to the upcoming reunion. 

Jimmie Hudson

Jimmie Hudson said - "After graduation, I went on to serve our Country in the Navy. During that time I met my wonderful wife, Kathy, and she is still by my side...thank the Good Lord. We tease that we were born married to each other which is fine by me as life wouldn't be the same without her. We have two awesome "kids" - Jimmy, who is 38 and is the manager of the Betty Griffin House Thrift Shoppe, and Tanya, who is 32 and is an Architect's Assistant. We spent a lot of our years in Maryland, but moved down to St. Augustine in 1993. Life has had many ups and downs, but we've always managed to tackle everything as a team."

Cay Jones

Cay Jones Rollo said - "I graduated from the University of Fla. in 1964 with a degree in Business Ed. (along with Sarah Siegel and Sharon Mangum). I retired in 2001 after teaching for 23 years in Duval, Broward and St. Johns County. After divorcing in 1984 I moved back to North Florida. My daughter, Catherine, 27, lives in Manhattan and works for Time Warner as a Marketing Manager. My son, Will, 25, lives in South Florida and is in sales. Living in downtown St. Augustine since my retirement has been great. My neighbors are Sarah Siegel, Bebe Fearnside and my sister, Sarajane Jones. What a support group! I can't wait until the reunion!!"

junior photo

Rita Kane

Rita Kane Moody said - " My profile update: I am married to Jim Moody. I have two children by a previous marriage and two step children, two grand children and four step grand children. We moved to Steinhatchee on the west coast of Florida three years ago. Prior to moving we lived in Salt Springs.  Jim retired as a Putnam Co. deputy and I retired after working seventeen years for the Putnam school district and eighteen years as President and bargaining agent for the Putnam Federation of Teachers. I returned to work for the Florida Education Association as a service unit director for nine counties. While President of PFT I was also elected as Vice Pres. of the American Federation of Teachers and elected to serve as a Vice Pres. of the Florida Education Association. Total Retirement is looking better and better. The nicest trip I have experienced was a trip to New Zealand to attend my step son's wedding.  The most memorable experiences would have to be the two Presidential Inaugurations I had the honor of attending."

Jeanette Kerce

Jeanette Kerce Abbott has two children and two grandchildren. Her daughter is a high school English teacher and her son is a sports agent representing notables such as Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves. Jeanette, a former Miss Palatka and Miss USA Showplace has been an airline stewardess and is currently Parrish Secretary of the First United Methodist Church in Starke, Florida.

Tommy Kimbrel

Tommy Kimbrel said, "After High School,  I went to SJRJC for a year and then to the University of Florida.  I eventually wound up with a Bachelors, Masters, big chunk of a PhD, and a JD in law.  I taught modern European history at Jacksonville University (2 years) and at Flagler College (4 years, Professor of the Year in 1974.)  I took my law degree in ‘76, worked with Jackson Bryan in Palatka for close to 2 years, and then went with the Public Defender’s Office in Jacksonville for 6+ years (County Court and Felony Division Chief.)  In ‘86, I went with the State Attorney’s Office and have been there ever since (Felony Division and Civil Division Chief.)   I have tried everything from trespass to murder-1 from both sides of the table and don’t care if I never see another jury.  Right now, I do mostly forfeitures, extradition, interstate subpoenas, medical aid for dying kids whose parents won’t get medical treatment for them, and represent the State when somebody wants to float a bond issue.  Never a dull moment.  Barbara and I had 1 child, Susan, and  I remarried in 1990.  Teresa and I made it 15 years this year and are celebrating with a week in London starting June 18.  She has a much harder job than I do - - she is a receptionist/secretary/bookkeeper/girl-Friday for a firm of 8 civil lawyers.  You try that!  For fun, I do woodworking, golf, fishing, traveling, and gardening.  I am going to retire and begin learning how to starve on December 31, 2006.  Amazing!  A life in a paragraph!"

Louise "Coot" Kimbro

Louise "Coot" Kimbro Vergara said - "After a divorce in 2000, I moved back to Palatka to be near my son, daughter and three grandchildren.  I have lived in Dunnellon, Ocala, Bradenton, Sarasota and Brooksville.  I am retired from secretarial positions with county and governmental agencies.  I stay active with exercise, gardening, travel, fishing and, of course, attending "granddaughter functions."


George Knox

George is retired but still working.  He is a Fishing Guide for the Norfolk Southern Railroad.

Bob LaBrec


Bob (now Robert) LaBrec writes - "I attended Emory University and graduated from UF in 1967. Ithaca Sailor (Class of '61) and I were married in 1965 and enjoyed 32 years of marriage that produced one son, Bob, Jr., who earned his MBA from Vanderbilt U and now negotiates managed care contracts for the Vanderbilt Medical Center. I formed my first company in 1976 and have been involved in many different aspects of the investment business since then. My organization, The LaBrec Financial Group (www.LaBrecGroup.com), was named to Inc. Magazine's "Inc 500 America's Fastest Growing Private Companies" for three consecutive years. My current business interests are primarily geared to the communications industry and the medical equipment field. My family has lived in Nashville for over 30 years and my current hobbies include attending various sporting events (Gator & Tennessee Titans) and playing in poker tournaments. My wife, Kathy, and I have been married for eight years, and I now have two lovely stepdaughters and a beautiful three-year-old granddaughter, with another one on the way. I am really looking forward to attending the reunion and laughing about how many of us are no longer recognizable in our new, more mature bodies."

Peter Lamoreaux


After I graduated I attended SJRJC. I attended three other colleges; came back and graduated with an A.S. DEGREE. Then I went to UNF AND Graduated with a B.S. in teaching. I taught 34 years mostly elementary. 12 years at night with the Adult Basics at SJRJC at night. I feel I have been given many blessings. First, my dear wife of 40 wonderful years. Next 4 beautiful children, four grand children, and one darling girl, Tiffany, our great grand child. With My wife and family we owned and operated CHUBBY BOYS PIZZA; which included a long line of dinners. I was honored by being chosen teacher of the year from three different schools in three different decades. That will give you some of an idea of my love for teaching all ages. My wife also became a superb teaching assistant for pre-k. I am very proud of my entire family. (Please excuse typing. It's poor since my stroke. I had a true miracle that happened to me because of my wife. Let me know if anyone would like to read about it. GOD BLESS EVERYONE! :+)

Roy Livingston

Roy and his wife Virginia ("Gin"), have two children, a boy and a girl.  They have six grandchildren.  Roy works at Georgia Pacific.  He will retire this year after 45 years there.

Sam Lovett

Sam Lovett and his wife Anne have been married forty-one years.  They have three children: Jana 39, Sam 38, and Ricky 35.  They also have seven grandchildren.  Sam  retired from FPL in 1997.  Sam and Anne live in Enterprise, Florida, where, among other things, Sam still plays with cars. 

Sharon Mangum

Sharon Mangum Harper - "I love this website!!!!

I attended SJRCC (with many of you) and graduated from UF (with many of you). Then I taught in Jacksonville and married Danny Harper in 1965.  We lived in St. Augustine for 34 years and raised two daughters, Elizabeth and Laura. They are both married.  Elizabeth's son, Harold III, is 3 1/2.  Laura's son, Harper Dean, passed away at the age of seven days.

We took early retirement, sold our house in St. Augustine and bought a house on the river in East Palatka (friends say, YOU DID WHAT???!!!)

We are having a great time renovating an old, old house. Keeps us busy!"


Carma Martin
Carma has been married to Edward Ray since 1995.  She was divorced from Hank Lay in 1994 but they remain friends.  Hank and Carma have 2 boys-Kevin 39 and Eric 36.  Their grandchildren are for Kevin two boys: Alex 6 and Aidan 2 and for Eric one girl: Sarah 4.  Edward has 5 children and 5 grandchildren.  Ed and Carma are both retired.  Ed retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel and as a computer scientist and Carma retired from working as a security officer. 

Larry Massey

Larry and his wife Betty have been married 45 years. They have three sons and two daughters and 11 grandchildren. Larry has been a Baptist Minister (Southern Baptist Convention) for 35 years. Larry is semi-retired and owns a retirement home in Palatka. He and Betty live in Ocklawaha. 

Jordan Matthews

Jordan Matthews lives in Palatka (on putter lane - that says it all).  He has three sons and two granddaughters.


Tommy Jean Meadows

Tommy Jean Meadows said - "I graduated from nursing school in Georgia and from Case Western Reserve in Cleveland (chemistry). I am semi-retired in St Petersburg/Tampa, working as a realtor with Century 21. I spent several years in Laos during the Vietnam era as a nurse. I am divorced after a 25 year relationship. I have been single now for 15 years. I enjoy traveling, white water rafting, scuba diving, etc. just to name a few. I look forward to seeing everyone again.

S.J. Mills

S.J. Mills is a timber dealer.  He has two children and three grandchildren.

Jimmy Motes

Jimmy Motes has been happily married for 31 years to Cathy. They have two sons and two daughters.  Sons, James Jr., 29 and Travis, 25, both live in Altamonte Springs. Daughter, Sandie Gay, 40, has 2 daughters, Amanda 23 and Elizabeth 17.  Sandie lives in Newport News, VA. Daughter Theresa Lynn 36, has 1 son, Colin James 3.  Theresa Lynn lives in Baltimore, MD. Jimmy has been retired since 1995 on long term disability. Jimmy and Cathy live in Edgewater, Florida.

Ron Mull

Ron Mull - "I went to SJRJC for two years and then to FSU graduating in 1964 with a degree in Finance. I started in banking with the Atlantic National in Jacksonville. Several years later I was a stock broker for a couple of years, but eventually settled down as a Commercial Real Estate Broker. I met my wife (Dottie) in Key Biscayne, Fl. and we were married in 1974. We have one daughter, Melissa who is an Interior Designer like her mother. We moved to Orlando in 1978 and plan to retire in Jupiter in a few years. I visit Palatka frequently to visit with my mother. Looking forward to seeing everyone."

Nolan Pate

Nolan Pate is a design engineer with Lucent Technologies.  He served in the Navy in Vietnam.  Nolan has two children.  He has lived in twenty-six states including Hawaii; also in Japan, China, The Philippines, Australia and Hong Kong.  Currently Nolan and his wife Gwendel live in Stonewall, Louisiana. 

Nancy Pearlman

Nancy At Work
Nancy Pearlman - "After recovering from high school I  attended U of Fla. and then CAL State, L.A.  I married a few times... took my maiden name back after second marriage...lived all over the place, Cape Cod, San Francisco, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico,...careers from art dealer to belly dancer to commercial stone crabber, now make my living as a glass artist and jeweler  I have one son, Dr. Jack David Newman a bacteriologist, founding scientist of Amyris biotech. A new granddaughter who is awesome. Once, took a side trip and drove through Palatka on my way to Key West from New York. Now happily single living in Berkeley California."
                                                      Webmaster insertion - from Nancy's Website


I have always been fascinated by glass. As a child I collected marbles, beads and kaleidoscopes. When I found the techniques of kiln-firing (or fusing) glass, I was enthralled and since 1989 have been refining my "jewel" making through countless hours of experimentation. There have been some real innovative breakthroughs and some real frustrating times, but I still continue to enjoy the process and improve the result. My background in Art and Design has influenced me greatly. I love color and this is the medium for me to express that love.  I have had many "incarnations" in this lifetime, from commercial fishing to working in the design industry. This is the best so far!

Jackie Penn

Jackie Penn Carey said - "After I graduated from Palatka High School I attended DBCC taking courses in Cosmetology. I worked for two years then married and moved 19 times in 21 years. I have two great children, Lora Elizabeth is married to Graham Young. They live in East Palatka and have no children. Ted is married to Tracy, she is from New Zealand, they live in Orlando and have no children. I divorced after 22 years, decided to go to college and graduated in 1988 from the University of North Florida with a degree in Exceptional Student Education. I built a house in Esperanza Shores in East Palatka where I still live. I taught for 8 years at Browning Pearce Elementary School then moved to teach high school ESE at E.H. Miller center school in Palatka. I am still teaching and I love my job, however as soon as possible I want to retire and return to the real world. I know it’s out there somewhere and one day I will get to see it. I want to go fishing again, visit antique stores and I might even do some art and crafts and I know I will do a lot of reading."

From Right to Left

Jackie - her son Ted and daughter Lora

The occasion - Lora's wedding

"Now there abides faith, hope and love...
and the greatest of these is love."

Owen Preston

During HS worked in Dad’s sign shop.  Joined Palatka Volunteer Fire Department in 1960.  Took over and ran Preston Sign Company in 1962 after Dad’s death.  Worked full time on Palatka Fire Department in 1966-67.  Married Martha Guthrie in Jan. 1964 and raised 5 children (four boys and 1 girl) last two born was a set of twin boys.  In 1967 I went to work for Florida Power & light Company in the old Palatka Steam Plant in East Palatka.  Later moved to the Putnam Plant in East Palatka.  Worked up through the ranks in the power plants and transferred to FPL Risk Management Department and retired as Corp. Lost Prevention Supervisor.  Since FPL I have worked for Factory Mutual Engineering, PDM Bridge Corp & Georgia Pacific.  Currently I am Principle Consultant with ETC (Environmental Training & Consulting LLC) doing safety, OSHA & Environmental Training and Consulting.  We have 5 grand children that we enjoy very much.  I am active with the Boy Scouts, Red Cross, United Way, Volunteer Florida, Putnam Care Coalition as well as church (St. Mark’s Episcopal Church).

Edwin Price
Edwin Price said, "I went into Peace Corps in Sarawak, Malaysia and later received degrees from U. Florida, Yale U. and U. Kentucky. Allethaire Medley and I met at the University of Kentucky, and married. We went to Thailand where I did my PhD research then to Washington DC where I worked for the Federal Reserve Board. We subsequently worked in the Philippines on rice research for ten years, then spent nine years at Oregon State University, and now 11 years at Texas A&M University. All of my work has be oriented to assisting developing countries in agriculture, most recently Afghanistan and Iraq. Will and Fran have our new and only grandchild, Wes, and work in forestry out of Princeton, NJ. Alle teaches Spanish in Omaha, where her husband and friends built and operate a couple of neat restaurants, Blue Sake Sushi Grill and Roja. We often visit Dad in Ormond, but don't often get to Palatka.



Glenn Register

Glenn Register said, "Linda and I moved to Adel in 2000 to finish out my time with my employer, J-M Manufacturing, who built the largest PVC pipe producing plant in the world, where I am the Quality Assurance Manager.
We plan to be moving back to my roots in "Bostwick" within two years.
Look forward to talking about everything in July.  My question IS, " How did we get here so fast"???? 45?  "See ya soon" " May God Bless "

Pat Revels

Pat Revels Shropa has been married to Frank Shropa for 41 years. For over 30 years Frank has owned his own architectural firm in Plantation, Florida. Pat and Frank have one son who is graduating from Law School this year.

"Bunny" Rideout

Sarah "Bunny" Rideout Slight said, "There's so much to tell in a short space!
I attended Florida Presbyterian College, 1960-62; as a Math major, then discovered my singing voice.  I transferred to FSU School of Music, and received a Bachelor of Music degree in 1965.  I taught choral music at Dixie Hollis HS, St. Petersburg, 1966-68.  I sang professionally with Mid-America Chorale based in Des Moines, IA, 1968-69 then it was back to FSU for Master's Degree in Voice, which I received in 1970.  I spent summer 1970 in Spoleto, Italy, singing at Gian-Carlo Menotti's "Festival of Two Worlds."
Temporarily broke, I worked for the State of Florida as Secretary III and IV, 1970-72.  I was married, unhappily, from 1972-78, but he helped me get my Doctorate in Vocal Performance in 1974.  After that, he didn't want me to sing.  I studied to be and worked as a Court Reporter, 1974-78 and from 1969-78 I was also the Director of Music at Faith Presbyterian Church.  I gave up on the marriage in 1978.  I accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Voice at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa; Assistant Chairman of the Music Department, 1979-82.  Also in 1982 I had a bout with breast  cancer.  Later that summer I moved to Houston as Associate Professor of Voice at Houston Baptist University 1982-94.  There I attained the rank of Professor in 1992.  From 1986-94 I was the Chairman of the Voice Department.  In 1984 I met my wonderful husband, Jac Slight, while I was serving as Director of Music at Fair Haven United Methodist Church.  We married in 1985 (now 20 years!).  In 1994 we moved to Venice, FL to be nearer his parents in New Port Richey (now both
deceased) and my parents in Jacksonville (now both aging gracefully in St. Pete).  I recently retired from being Director of Music at Community Presbyterian Church in Englewood after 7 1/2 years.
Other Venice activities include featured soloist with the 80-member Venice Concert Band which does monthly performances Nov.-May each year.
Over the years, I've sung more than 30 operatic/musical comedy roles with companies all across the SE United States, also many oratorio performances with orchestras.  My lifelong love has been barbershop music (See Bunny's photo on the "Then and Now" page), begun in 1968. Served as director of 11 choruses (wherever I lived at the time) and founding director of 3.  I currently direct the 60-man Lemon Bay Chord Company in Englewood, and the 35-voice Mixed (men and women combined) Barbershop Chorus in Boca Grande.  My hobbies include travel (which explains why I will regretfully miss the reunion), reading, bowling (just bowled in National ABC tournament).  I'm a lifelong cat-lover, and am currently the "owner" of a diabetic 24-pound Maine Coon (yes, administer
shots twice a day).  I really hate missing the reunion--please have another one soon!

PS - I just realized that I didn't mention children in my bio.  I guess the timing was always wrong, but since I married Jac, I've been lucky to be able to share his two sons, Jaime and David, his daughter, Lisa, and his seven grandchildren. 

Brian Roche
Brian said (and those of you golf - note the challenge in his remarks) -

"Met my wife Donna Bowser of Butler Pennsylvania in Daytona Beach in 1965.  We were married in 1965. I went to Palm Beach Jr. College and graduated from Barry University. I retired from the Palm Beach Police Dept. in 1992. I opened a pool and spa supply store in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida later that year, sold it in 1999 and completely retired. Donna and I now live on the golf course in Palm City. I play to a six, for you fellow golfers. We have one daughter, Tracy, who is married and has two children, Austin (8) and Danielle (5)."

Billy Rogero

Billy Rogero said, "I spent 4 years in the USAF. Graduated from SJRJC after 15 years (some of us are a little slow).  I married Florence Bendig from Fremont, Nebraska. We have four children. I worked for NASA (1yr), Alachua County, Florida (1yr) and Georgia Pacific for 38 years.  I plan on retiring this December.  Our children graduated from FSU (go Noles) and UF."


Nora Rogers

Nora Rogers Jones lives in Crescent City.  She is the mother of a daughter and a son.  Daughter, Marla Jones is a CPA with Sun Trust and lives in Atlanta  Son, Spencer Jones is with Emory Riddle and lives in Daytona, Florida.

Nancy Sapp
Nancy Sapp Owens writes - "I'm retired and have one daughter, age 41, by Ronnie McDaniel, one granddaughter 22 years old and one great granddaughter who is three years old.  I'm divorced and hope to stay that way.

Diana Selsor

Diana said - "Thanks for persisting in your search; I'm grateful to be found and have enjoyed reading each of your profiles. It's difficult to summarize so much living in so few words. I did go to the 1990 reunion and so I didn't realize I was lost!  After high school? Better to skip a decade. I did graduate from UF in 1964 and began graduate school that year, in anthropology. Thirty years later, when my youngest child went away to Reed College, I went back to UF finish that Ph.D. Sort of completing the educational circle.  Had three wonderful children with my first husband, Pancracio Palting. We moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 1971 so he could do a post-doc with the quantum theory group at U of Alberta. He then went to Mexico and I stayed in Edmonton and raised the children--good day care, good schools, and good, accessible medical care. Fifteen years later, I returned to Florida to do a photo documentary in Palatka, and ended up living in St. Augustine because the kids wanted to surf. While working at the newspaper I met Page Edwards, who was the Director of the Historical Society, and a novelist. We married in 1987 (3 mos. after we met) and blended our families, so I gained two very dear stepchildren. I am now actively involved in raising four grandchildren, including a beautiful foster child who joined our family a year ago. Page died suddenly of an aortic abdominal aneurysm in January 1999, when I was out here (Silver City, New Mexico) getting our house ready in preparation for our move west. Our children helped me to complete that move.  Careers? I have been a photographer, editor, writer, university professor, anthropologist. In December, I completed an MA in Counseling, and am a licensed mental health counselor specializing in infant mental health and working in early intervention programs. I teach anthropology when I get the chance. I'm still a dysfunctional dancer and love to dance anyway."

"Work like you don't need the money. Dance like no one is watching. And love like you've never been hurt."

Miriam Sheppard

Miriam Sheppard DuBose has been married for 42 years to Cleon DuBose from Hastings.  They have lived in Orlando for 37 years and now live in a retirement community far off from the golf course that winds through the community in Clermont.  Miriam and Cleon have two children, Teri Booth and John DuBose.  Teri is a house wife and husband Duane, a civil engineer.  They  live in Umatilla and have three children, Brandt 16, Taylor (girl) 14 and Harrison 8.  John DuBose is single, self employed as a fence contractor and lives in Minneola.  Miriam is recently retired from the Rosen Plaza Hotel on International Drive where she worked as a Group Housing Coordinator.  She began working on getting the reunion for the class as soon as possible.  After working for the hotel 13 years on some of the biggest conventions Orlando has hosted the Reunion was a breeze.  Miriam retired from the Orange County Schools as a Teacher Assistant in an EH Class and also a library assistant.  She loves to sing-in church, dance-to the oldies, write-children stories and travel-especially to Hawaii. 

Sarah Siegel

Sarah Siegel Guthrie said - "I attended SJRJC and then on to UF graduating with a BS in Education. I taught for several years in high schools in Jacksonville and also at FCCJ with Barbara Fisher. I am still working. I'm a flight attendant with Delta Airlines flying out of New York City. I have two children--Brennan 34 and Heather 32. I have one grandchild--Lily age 6 months. This is it! I guess I don't talk as much now!!"

Melinda Smith

Melinda Smith Branham has been married to Anthony (Toney) Branham for 40 years.  They have two sons, Anthony and Marty.  Both sons are graduates of Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Natchitoches.  They have two grandchildren, James age 11 and Colleen age 9.  Melinda retired from teaching May 2004.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from The Woman's College of Georgia, Milledgeville, Georgia and then a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Freddie Stoeffler

Freddie said, "After graduation I married Bernice Cumbo, we have been married 43 years. We have 3 children; Rockey, Glen and Heather. Rockey has 2 children, Josh and Gina, Glen has 2 children, Erin and Keegan. Heather has a new baby girl, Isabella, she is 5 months old. We have five grandchildren from 5 months to 21 years.  I have worked for Central States Paper and Bag, and Duro Paper Bag in Tampa.  I am currently fighting cancer, I am going in the hospital soon to have a new procedure done of transplanting T-Cells.
I am looking forward to coming to the reunion if I can get this procedure over with and it is OK with the doctors, Hope to see everyone in July."

Tommy Strickland

Tommy Strickland said, "After high school and SJRJC I married and had two sons. We divorced 7 years later and I wandered around many years between Palatka and Tampa. Finally, in 1994, I re-married and now have 3 wonderful grand children, who are my life. I am thankful for all the work the reunion committee has done putting this all together and am looking forward to seeing many of our classmates."

Charlene Sutton

Charlene Sutton Griffin has been married 44 years to Paul J Griffin Jr. Her husband is retired from Brevard County Teachers after 34 years. Charlene does not work. Charlene and Paul have 3 sons: Anthony 44 who has 3 sons, Sean 15, Joshua 12, and Brett 10, they live in Smithfield, VA.  Timothy 42 who has one son, John 14 and one stepdaughter Tara 16, they live in Melbourne, FL.  Paul III 40, who has one daughter, Julia 8 and one stepdaughter Kayla 16, they live in Melbourne, FL. Charlene and Paul's main home is in Melbourne but are now living in Interlachen (see for roster).

junior photo

Bette Taylor


Bette Taylor Raby Harrison is divorced.  She works for Pacetti Realty Network from her home office in East Palatka.  Betty has two children and three grandchildren.  She worked as the Administrative Assistant to a Texas State Senator for more than 8 years as manager of a District Office.  She has also worked as a legal secretary.  Betty has traveled extensively, including trips to England.


Sonya Teuton
Sonia Teuton Muffletto and her husband Joe have been married for forty two and a half years.  They have three children; Angela 41, Joey 39 and Dana 33.  Joe and Sonia live in Daytona Beach and they plan to attend this years reunion. 

Cecilia Thompson

Cecelia Thompson Hughes has been married to Joseph Hughes for 44 years. Cecelia and Joseph have three children; Jodi 43, Jason 34, and Amanda 31. They also have three grandchildren; Morgan 20, Robbie Lynn 17, and Cale 3. Cecelia has been retired since June 2004.

Kenny Thompson
Kenny Thompson said - "TO: The Star-Studded Class of 1960
Sorry I can't make the party--it would be great to see all of you again. Here's what I've been up to:  I bailed out of Atlanta 4 years ago and moved to San Antonio in hopes of finding a less expensive environment where I might pursue personal art projects. My oldest son has his music school here. 
I found commercial property, (a former bar!--cheap compared to Atlanta), and have been rehabbing the place and creating some of the art I show on the following pages.  (Sharon has the portfolio)
I have no computer, I'd rather spend money on power tools, so no e-mail.
My best to everyone."

Drake Tilley

Drake Tilley went to SJRJC and on to Florida State graduating in 1964. Following 4 years in the Navy after graduation, he spent 32 years with the J C Penney Co. retiring in 1998. He married Ann Vaughn Cook from Columbus, Ga. They met when he was there with the Penney Company. Ann is an Auburn graduate, but in spite of that they have remained married for 33 years (a bit of webmaster "Alabama humor" there) and they continue to count. Ann and Drake have two children  -- Dr. Drake H. Tilley, Jr. who is a Navy flight surgeon stationed at Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Washington, DC.  He and his wife have a son (our grandson) Alex.  Our daughter Elizabeth Vaughn Tilley and is an attorney and Assistant Solicitor in Greenville, SC. 

Drake and Ann plan to be at the reunion in July

Emily "Pug" Turner

Emily "Pug" Turner and Kenny Morris have been married 44 years as of January 27.  Julie M. Duffy and Jason Morris are their children, along with Asa, their son who passed away August 22, 1979.  Emily and Kenny have two grandchildren, granddaughter Morgan who is 14 and grandson Logan who is 8.  Kenny is semi-retired though still involved in real estate as is Pug.  Real estate has been their careers for over 25 years; the past 15 they have been associated with Coldwell Bankers - Ben Bates.

Cleon Tyson

Cleon Tyson Said,  - "I was married 20 years and now I've been divorced 17 years.  I have one daughter, age 36 and two grandsons ages 3 and 7.  I took early retirement in 1995 due to the loss of sight in my right eye from Glaucoma.   I still work some in auto sales and try and enjoy life.  All my family are healthy and doing well.  I never married again but you never know.  I keep busy with my hobbies and other interests.

freshman photo

Bill Warren

Bill Warren and his wife Gail live in Palatka.  They have a daughter,  son-in-law and three Grandchildren.  Bill retired from FPL in 1997 and Gail works for the Putnam County School board which according to Bill makes him a "house husband." 



Barbara Wells

Barbara Wells Prosser is married to Chan, Palatka Senior High School Class of '57.  Barbara was registrar at Bryan College for 15 yrs.  She hasn't worked since marrying Chan in 1992. They were engaged in 1959 and 60 but didn't marry until '92; 33 yrs later!  How's that for a love story?  Barbara is a graduate of Miami Bible College (1969) and Bryan College (Dayton Tennessee - 1973).  She and Chan live in Collierville, Tennessee (just outside Memphis).

Margaret West

Margaret said, "I have been married almost 45 years to a wonderful husband (Bill "Dub" West) and we have 1 daughter and 2 sons -- and 6 grandchildren and that's it."

Ina Williams
Ina Williams Vincent has been married to William "Buddy" Vincent for 43 years.  They have two daughters, ages 39 and 35.  They also have one granddaughter age 13 and two grandsons ages 5 and 7.  Ina retired four years ago when the company she had been employed by for twenty-eight years relocated to another state.

Judy Willoughby
Judy Willoughby Capo is single and has four children ages 36 thru 44 and four grandchildren ages 3 thru 20. She has worked at Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, Florida.

Shirley Woodard

Shirley Woodard Bishop has been married for 23 years to Philip M. Bishop.  She has two sons, seven grandchildren and one great granddaughter and another due this fall.  Shirley and Philip moved back to Palatka from Naples, Florida, in 1996.  Shirley is retired and Philip is semi-retired.  They live on Dunn's Creek and they love it.